• Polyvilon

    Parallelium Polyvilon hybrid fluoro carbon line, sinking and very strong, nearly invisible under water easy casting, high pulling strenght.

    € 34,95

The Parallelium polyvilon (fluorocarbon) hybrid line is an innovative development for the current carp fishing scene. The polyvilon line is a flouro carbon line with the characteristics of an nylon fishing line. This line in not coated with fluoro carbon (like many others who tried to imitate this line) but as a result of a very special development proces a mix of PVDF and nylon. As a result the high content of PVDF (high mass) this is a sinking line. Thanks to the special production process this line is very flexible, has a high knot strenght and very good casting characteristics. This line is ideal as the main line on your reel. The light refractive index of POLYVILON (1.43) approaches the 100% fluorcarbon (1.39 - 1.42) causing this line to be nearly invisible under water. The line is available on 1000 meter spindles, is ISO certified and available in the diameters 0.30 0.35 and 0.40 mm.


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