All Ashima PVA Porducts are manufactured according to the so-called "URL" procedure. This is officially called Ultra Low Residue and means that the PVA dissolves very well without leaving any residue. At the moment Ashima has in addition to the Funnel web in the sizes wide and narrow also ready-made PVA bags in the sizes Micro, Small, Medium and Large. There is also PVA string material and PVA rig foam.

  • Ashima Funnelweb
    Ashima Funnelweb

    Ashima Funnelweb in wide and narrow on tubes or in a refill 5 m package 100% soluble

    € 15,95
  • Ashima funnelweb refil
    Ashima funnelweb refil

    Refill packaging in both diameters available on 5 meter spools. Ashima Funnelweb is 100% soluble.

    € 9,95
  • Ashima PVA String
    Ashima PVA String

    Ashima PVA string 100% soluble available on 25 meters spindles.

    € 7,99
  • Ashima  ULR Rig Foam
    Ashima ULR Rig Foam

    Ashima Rig Foam 100% soluble, ideal for protecting the hook.

    € 2,99
  • Ashima PVA Bags
    Ashima PVA Bags

    Ashima PVA bags in micro, small, medium and large 25 pieces per package 100% soluble.

    € 6,99
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