Ashima has developed a complete new range of high quality carp rods. By combining 15 plus years of carp rod design experience and the best quality materials has resulted in this really unique line of rods. Although new on the market these rods have proven themselves during extensive field testing. 

  • Ashima FFX-S
    Ashima FFX-S

    Ashima FFX-S series rods feature a retractable butt part. Partly because of this, the rods are ideal to transport and store. The transport length is retracted 125 cm.

    € 99,00
  • Ashima FFX-P
    Ashima FFX-P

    Ashima FFX-P 10 ft carp rod is an ideal 10 ft rod for heavy work. The thick-walled blank in combination with the black slim guide sic eyes ensure a tight action.

    € 84,00
  • Ashima FFX-D
    Ashima FFX-D

    Ashima FFX-D series 9, 10 and 12 ft carp rods are made for the tough jobs. The blanks are finished in matte black with a matte black DPS18 reel seat. The FFX-D rods are also being finished with the new black slim guide sic guides.

    € 89,50
  • Ashima FFX-C
    Ashima FFX-C

    Ashima FFX-C carp rod is unique in the market. Ashima came up with this model by making a combination rod in 9.6 ft and 12 ft in one. The FFX-C comes with two butt parts so you can choose which length you want to fish with.

    € 109,00
  • Ashima FFX-F
    Ashima FFX-F

    Ashima FFX-F series carp rods are made for fishing carp with float, flake and / or floating pallets. Ashima has opted for a new "style" finish in this series of pen rods.

    € 109,00
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